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Ogilby's Chimaera (Chimaera ogilbyi)

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Order: Chimaeriformes
Family: Chimaeridae
Genus: Hydrolagus
Species: ogilbyi
Taxonomic name: Hydrolagus ogilbyi
Other Common Names: Whitefish, Waite's ghost shark, Ghostshark, Ogilbys ghostshark, Ogilbys spookfish, Ratfish,

In Australian waters there are nine species of shortnose chimaeras and three spookfish species. Very little is known about the lives of these chimaeras and even less of spookfish. Swimmers or amateur anglers would not see one of these animals but some are commercial species and they may be found at times in southern fish markets.

Australian deep-sea chimaeras live at depths of 120–1400 m on the continental slope and abyssal plains where they feed on small fish and squid. All share a similar body structure with smooth scaleless skin, a rounded rabbit-like head with luminous green eyes, large pectoral fins, a single pair of gill openings, pelvic fins, a high first dorsal fin with a single spine, a low second dorsal fin along the back and a small leaf-shaped tail bearing a long filament.

The name Chimaera comes from a ledgendary goat shaped monstor that spouted fire and in the english language refers to something that is beyond belief or wild fancy. Part of the chimaera family belong to the hydrolagus genus, a name which means water hare or rabbit, alluding to their rabbit-like face.

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