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Pacific Spookfish (Rhinochimaera pacifica)

Pacific Spookfish (Rhinochimaera pacifica)

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Order: Chimaeriformes
Family: Rhinochimaeridae
Genus: Rhinochimaera
Species: pacifica
Taxonomic name: Rhinochimaera pacifica
Other Common Names: Deep-sea chimaera, Deep-sea Pacific knife-nose chimaera, Longnosed chimaera, Narrownose chimaera, Pacific longnosed chimaera, Pinocchiofish, Widenosed chimaera, Tengu-ginzame.

Pacific Spookfish (Rhinochimaera pacificus) and other Spookfish have a similar body structure to chimaeras but they also sport a long spear-shaped snout. The photograph above is of a Pacific Spookfish (Rhinochimaera pacificus), the first underwater photograph ever to be taken of this species. The snout has sensory mucus- filled canals and pits on the underside that help the spookfish locate their prey. They eat shellsed invertebrates and crustaceans, such as crabs, which are crushed in their beak-like mouth.

Spookfish live in very deep water, from depth of 700-1700 m. In other areas of their global distribution they have been trawled from depths as great as 2600 m. Males have typical chimaera-like clasper arrays and females lay large ribbed tadpole-shaped eggs with wide membranes on the side.

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