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Color Settings


What are "Color Settings"?

Adobe Photoshop is, by far, the most preferred image editing program used by professional image users in all areas of the advertising, graphics and printing industries. Photoshop uses Color Settings to tell Photoshop how to display and use colors that make up a digital image file.

You can find the Color Settings options under the Edit menu at the top of your Photoshop screen or, when using Mac OSX, under the "Photoshop" menu item.

When viewing or adjusting scans supplied by Marine Themes you should use the same color settings that we used so that you will see the same colors that we did when preparing the scan.

How do I check or change my Color Settings?

To check your color settings open the Color Settings options by selecting from the menu bar at the top of your screen "Edit - Color Settings" or "Photoshop - Color Settings". In the "Settings" drop down list select one of the following options that relates best to your geographic area:

Europe Prepress Defaults
Japan Prepress Defaults
U.S. Prepress Defaults

If you live in Australasia or are unsure as to which setting to select, use the Europe Prepress Defaults. Using the wrong color setting will not destroy your file or make it unusable. Using the right color settings will just make it easier for you and your printer operator to get the best result possible.

All of the above settings will display digital RGB image files in the Adobe RGB(1998) color space. Unless you are specifically intending to produce files for internet use you should always use the Adobe RGB(1998) setting as it can display a larger number or wider "gamut" of colors.

When converting files from RGB into CMYK for use on a printing press the above settings will convert your image to a CMYK file with colors that will match the pre press systems that are most often used in your geographic area.

If you are uncomfortable with using Photoshop, just forward our high resolution scans to your printer operator and they will make any necessary color adjustments and apply unsharp masking.

In fact, any digital file will always be adjusted slightly by your printer operator as, while in one geographic area most printing systems use the same basic settings, every printing press has it's own unique way of interpreting and producing color.



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