How this Site Works

To View Thumbnails

1/ Enter the Image Database. To use the category tree click on the "+" expansion buttons or blue folder icons on the far left. This will open the category tree and show you various sub categories.
2/ Click on the icons or names of the sub categories to show their contents along with their individual image ID numbers and a brief description including the common and scientific name.
3/ When the Search Results page appears click on the small thumbnail images to see a larger view.

To search for images using keywords, species names or image numbers type the information in the Keyword Search field. One or two word searches work best.

To View & Save Larger Images

To view a larger version of the thumbnails click on the small thumbnail images. A larger view will appear in a new window. You can copy this larger view to your hard drive using your computer operating systems method for copying files. Please read our copyright information before copying any images. We can supply unwatermarked low res files for comp use to genuine commercial image buyers. Just send us an email with your company information and project description.

On a Mac just drag and drop to your desktop or Option-click to access the contextual menu and select "Save this image as ..."

With a Windows PC Right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture/Image As..."

Close the window when finished.

To Select Images

Click the selection box under the thumbnails to add those images to your Collection Basket. When you have finished selecting images click the "View Basket" button in the bottom right hand corner of the window. You can edit your selection before proceeding or returning to the image browser.

To Order Images

After selecting images click the "View Basket" button then click the "Proceed" link. Fill out the simple order form, click the "Submit Request" link and you are done.

For Keyword Searches

If you are looking for a particular species use the keyword search. We recommend that you use one of the scientific or taxonomic names for rapid and specific results. For example if you want images of Pilot Whales (Globicephala macrorhynchus) a search using either "Globicephala" or "macrorhynchus" will return just images of Pilot Whales. Using the common name "Pilot" will include images of other unwanted species such as "Pilot Fish (Naucrates ductor)".