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Non Profit Organizations

Marine Themes is a commercial Stock Library and image database, where we sell the right to reproduce our images to cover the costs of creating and running this site as well as the massive costs associated with capturing the images in the field.

Therefore we require a fee for all image use. However we do recognize the efforts of non profit organizations to protect and educate. We also feel a responsibility to nurture an interest in our planet, especially our massive and mysterious oceans.

So we provide images at a discounted rate to genuine non profit organizations. That rate depends on how the images are used and reflects a realistic price to cover our basic costs so that supplying the image does not become a liability to us.

If you have a set budget for image use or would like to propose a fee below a price quoted by us for standard commercial image use then please email us with your proposal and we will work with you to come to a fair and reasonable rate.

To order images for non profit organization use you need to go through the ordering procedure in the Image Database and in the comments field state exactly how the images are to be used. A copy of the finished product must be provided to verify that use. Details on how to use the image database can be found here in the How To Use This Site web page.



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