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is a commercial Stock Library and image database, where we sell the right to reproduce our images to commercial image users to cover the costs of creating and running this site as well as the massive costs associated with capturing the images in the field.

However we do acknowledge that members of the public, who do not want to use our images for commercial purposes, would like to have access to photographs in the form of color prints for display in their home. Therefore we have put together a range of print sizes and prices for color prints intended for display in private homes only.

Use of our images in this way does not allow for any copying of any kind including scanning, re-photographing, using as a reference for artworks, internet use or commercial use including re-selling. Please read our copyright notice before proceeding.

Prices for color prints sized in inches are as follows:

Up to and including A4 (8.25 x 11.75) US$40
Up to and including A3 (11.75 x 16.5) US$85
Up to and including 16 x 20 inches US$150
Up to and including 20 x 32 inches US$290
Larger print sizes on request.  
Packaging and delivery: US$10 per order.

Schooling red fish.



A quote for courier delivery will be supplied if you require FedEx, UPS or similar secure express services.

All prints are on photographic color paper stock with archival, storage, display and mounting properties identical to traditional color prints. We do not supply ink jet prints. We do not supply scans for home users to produce ink jet or other prints.

Special Features:

If you wish to have a black or color border on your prints or if you require special cropping, text added, etc then you must stipulate that in your order. There are no additional costs for this service.

There are no returns and no refunds for prints.

To order prints go to the Image Database, select the images you wish to use and then proceed to order your prints via the View Basket button. In the comments field state that you will use the prints for personal use only, stipulate the exact size, any cropping or print border requirements, preferred delivery type and any other details that are necessary. We will reply with an exact quote for delivery. If you have already gone through the ordering process and have been referred to this page please indicate by email the size and number of prints you require off each image and any special features as noted above.

Please note that this service is for personal use for display in private homes only and not for commercial use. Prints for commercial use including display on business premises, in trade shows, point of sales display, etc are available through individual quotes.



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