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Marine Themes is a commercial Stock Library and image database, where we sell the right to reproduce our images to cover the costs of creating and running this site as well as the massive costs associated with capturing the images in the field.

Therefore we require a fee for all image use. However we do recognize that students usually have very limited budgets, funded by part time jobs or a small allowance. We also feel a responsibility to nurture your interest in our planet, especially our massive and mysterious oceans.

So we can offer two methods for all students to use our images.

1/ The first is free access and use of the large watermarked preview images in the database.

These are easily accessed by browsing the database via the category tree or via the Keyword Search field and, by clicking on the thumbnails, opening the larger preview images. Copy the watermarked image to your hard drive using your operating systems method for copying internet image files. Details can be found here on our How To Use This Site web page. Please read our copyright notice first as these are not Royalty Free (RF) images. Do not remove or attempt to remove the watermark.

2/ The second option is to pay a fee for unwatermarked images.

Send us an email stating that you are a student, where the image(s) will be used and which image(s) you wish to use. Tell us the amount you can afford for that use. We will reply by return email as to what we can offer. If we can agree on a small fee we will supply unwatermarked scans for one particular use.

You can also use our normal image selection and ordering process found in the image database, supplying the above information in the comments field.

Please note that this offer is for students only and in no way allows for commercial use, further distribution, additional use, storage of the image file(s), re-selling or use on the internet.

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